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Father, Entrepreneur, Social Media personality. Josh is making an impact daily by bringing people together with humor, music and real talk. His TikTok & Instagram videos have been able to start a movement of communication regarding mental health, relationships, parenting, and how building a community is so important to all of us. Now Josh will be bring these topics and conversations to Convene Communities where "Real Talk" can take place!

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Welcome to the Community! 

You belong here!

Watch this video and read below to learn more about what you will find by joining and sharing. 

It’s time to get real…

While most people know me as a light-hearted ball of energy, there’s a lot
more under the surface that I haven’t had an opportunity to share..until
now. I am excited about sharing my real-life experiences with you and vice
versa, so that we can all learn, heal, and grow together. When this
opportunity presented itself, it struck a chord in me and I knew
immediately this was something I was called to do. As most of you know, I
am passionate about mental health and community and this platform
encompasses all of that; it allows us a safe space to be open,
transparent, and vulnerable as we discuss our difficult times.

In this community, we will cover topics such as:
Mental Health
• Single Parenting
• Divorce
• Alcoholism (and Other Forms of Dependency)
• And More!

I am here to be authentic and transparent and help others through their
journeys, as I continue to find my own path as well. When we come together
and support one another, we realize we’re not alone and have the support
to get through anything. Being a part of a community is essential for all
of us. As we venture through situations that come our way, we need to know
we have a place to go and have others to walk beside us. Most of us think
we are going through it all by ourselves. However, when we share, we
realize we are not alone.

As you know, I practice what I preach and I will be sharing my stories, my
struggles, and my experience with you as well. We are all in this
together. Our stories matter and you are in the right place. You are going
to find reassurance, support, and uplifting stories here. And for those of
you who would prefer some privacy, you are free to post anonymously too,
which something quite unique to this platform.

So, welcome to Covene. Come on in, make yourself comfortable and stay
awhile. Engage in the discussion boards, share your stories, learn from
others, and allow yourself to grow. I will give tools, resources, and
information to help you on your journey and while I am not an expert in
everything, I have the resources to connect you with others. Inside
Convene, we have more resources than you could ever imagine. You have
everything you need, all in one place.

Make sure you stay tuned to announcements as more content is launched, and
remember, the discussion boards are your friend. We also share stories in
what is called “Experiences”. Everything we learn in life is based on
experience, so we are going to use these experiences to help more people.

We also have a great affiliate program here! Suppose you love it here and
want to share it with others. In that case, I will show you how to become
a qualified affiliate, so you get rewarded for helping me build this
fantastic community and because you are supporting this platform to become
what it was always meant to be.

So come on in and enjoy the ride! I am here to walk beside you, along with
an entire community to walk with you as well. Gone are the days of
stuffing it all in and compartmentalizing, or feeling isolated and alone.
You are not alone. We all have deep, complex emotions and history we are
going to talk about all that here.


Just wanted to say thank you for bringing us all together. I’m on the plane home and am literally in tears. I’m so grateful for these amazing people you’ve brought into my life. These are people I will have in my heart and world forever. Till next time!!! -Sheri

Look I’m gonna be sappy for a minute because I can. I had the best weekend this past weekend that I have had since I was like 21 and partying all weekend and it’s all because of you. If I never would have stumbled into your crazy ass live back in April and kept coming back to watch those thirst comments every night, I never would have met Summer and Tony. And for that, I am EXTREMELY grateful. I’m not going to lie, I was anxious about having 2 complete strangers I met on the internet coming into my home for a weekend because of obvious reasons and also because I was worried we would get bored or not like each other but I swear it’s like we have known each other our entire lives. No awkwardness, no nothing.

So basically this long book is to tell you THANK YOU for opening that door! I seriously have met 2 people that I know I can be lifelong friends with and it’s all because of you!  -Abby


Thank you for being here! Enjoy the ride, and never be alone again!

Your friend,
Josh Griffith

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